Client: Rapport – The People Activation Agency

Delivery: 1x Video for Company home page

Brief: Make a video to create some intrigue about the concept of ‘People Activation’. The Video will be used on the company home page and also in client pitching to help define the ethos of the company.

Process: We spent a brainstorming workshop day at Rapport’s office – collaborating with their team and others to develop a creative concept and approach.  Rapport specialise with in-work ‘activations’, but we decided that those moments transcend the work place and they are something experienced daily. With this idea, we developed a number of situations to represent different types of activation which would feature in the video. To couple and enhance this concept – it was all shot in super slow motion in order to capture and exaggerate that very moment of activation.

We also shot content for a secondary video, which would provide context to the first. Both the videos can be seen here on Rapport’s website.

Below are some screengrabs from the setups we created.  All shot on Arri Amira at 200fps.

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_01_23.Still008
Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_46_19.Still010

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_00_55_03.Still016

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_06_06.Still015

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_11_00.Still014

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_15_03.Still013

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_34_14.Still011

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_18_18.Still012

Edit - 2nd Structure - Slates.00_01_39_14.Still009

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