Agency: Cheetham Bell
Client: Taste Inc

Brief: Create a series of short social media videos exploring the idea of ‘Wok-Cycle”. Taste Inc’s microwave noodles are so good you’ll have to come up with a new use for your Wok!

How We Did It: After pitching close to 20 ideas, 4 were chosen. We shot with a minimal crew for a more genuine documentary feel. We shot over 2 days, and delivered all 4 edits 2 days after that.

Result: Through Cheetham Bells social team, collectively, across the 4 videos – within Facebook they received over half-a-Million views, thousands of likes and hundreds of shares and comment interaction with the brands Facebook page.  The noodles were picked up by ‘The Grocer’ within days of the campaign launching.

Our two stunning actors – Alex & Rory