Side by Side – Prostate Cancer VT

Internal Communication

Agency: Rapport – The People Activation Agency

Brief: To create a short film in collaboration with Rapport’s creative team, which will be used to open a large event. The film will show the daily journey of a prostate cancer sufferer. The film will show the importance of little moments, the support people around can give, and the importance of collaborating in this therapy area.

Process: We developed two visual styles – the first half of the film would be cold, lonely and tragic. The second half would be bright, happy and joyful. This contrast is representative of the difference between suffering alone and having plenty of support. The patients journey also represents the journey of the company – who believe standing ‘Side by Side’ and collaborating is the best way to defeat prostate cancer.

We developed a number of characters to represent different supporting elements that a sufferer of prostate cancer would benefit from.

The film was shot in 5k on a RED Scarlet-W.

5k Main 2.00_00_01_23.Still001

5k Main 2.00_00_05_23.Still002

5k Main 2.00_00_16_21.Still004

5k Main 2.00_00_11_23.Still003

5k Main 2.00_00_26_24.Still005
5k Main 2.00_00_51_18.Still008

5k Main 2.00_00_41_07.Still007

5k Main 2.00_00_37_24.Still006

5k Main 2.00_00_54_17.Still009

5k Main 2.00_01_01_18.Still010