Rapport – Documentary Video Production

Corporate Videos, Documentary Film, Internal Communication, Short Film

Client: Rapport – The People Activation Agency  & Astellas

Delivery: 1x 10 minute documentary for an internal company event.

Brief: Create an in-depth documentary about the development of a groundbreaking medicine. Work with an employee of Astellas – and turn her into an investigative journalist, who will visit 3 different countries and meet many key members of the team.

Process: Working with Rapport, we analysed and applied the presenter lead, observatory documentary form. Having filmed and worked previously on BBC Panorama and C4 Dispatches, we took this presenter lead style and applied it to this film. We worked with our presenter, who has never worked as a presenter before, to guide the editorial on the shoots.

In pre-production we gained a deep understanding of the treatment area, compliance and the drug itself. We gained an understanding of regulatory affairs, medical, and market access – and how the film structure will explore those stages.

We shot over 4 days in a handful of locations including Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London. As we filmed, the story developed and we scripted both piece to camera scripts and voice over recordings on the move to help bridge the sections.

We took on all the post production stages. Using our editorial understanding, we created a narrative from the 15+ pieces to camera, various VO recordings, and over 4 hours of interviews. We turned this into an online 10 minute structure, and applied finishing touches through music, sound, colour and graphics to perfect the piece.

Feedback: Feedback came through the agency – the client said it was “the best film that’s ever been made within Astellas”. This one one of the first project with Rapport – who are now a very regular client of ours.

Below are a number of key images from the film. To find out more about our video production services please get in touch.