2 examples of a series of 4 videos

Client: HiHo.com

Agency: CBJWT

Brief: Develop ideas around the idea of tradespeople getting the wrong sort of attention – and develop this into 4 short social media videos. Film them like user-generated content ‘candid camera’ style.

Process: We developed and pitched 20 different concepts to the agency, and 4 were chosen to go into production. We opted for a totally handheld, single take per concept approach to fulfill the creative idea and brief.

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Best C100.00_00_05_04.Still001
Best C100.00_00_11_24.Still002

C100 Takes.00_01_35_04.Still002

C100 Takes.00_01_40_21.Still001

Best C100.00_00_17_12.Still003

Best C100.00_00_19_09.Still004